Epiphanye Counseling Services

Empowering, Enriching, and Educating Lives

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Epiphanye Counseling Services?

At Epiphanye Counseling Services, clients will find a skilled, experienced therapist who strives to help improve clients’ quality of life. I focus on providing information resources, & skills that clients can implement in their lives to manage, cope and work through any issue or situation that they may encounter.

I focus on using a high standard of care and providing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. ECS provides a confidential, authentic, safe, trusting and nonjudgmental environment. Every individual, couple and family is different and this is reflected in the services you receive.

From where does the name "Epiphanye " come ?

The name is my first name and my birthday combined. Both have a positive and spiritual meaning that connects and grounds me with my faith. The name also describes my process because when clients are matched with the right counselor; there’s an epiphany.

Why is there an E in the name?

The “E” in Epiphanye derives from my name and is used to illustrate that my counseling services are intended to meet the unique needs of clients. I am committed to attending to your unique needs! The “E” in Epiphanye also highlights the core tenets of ECS…. Empowerment, Enrichment, and Education.

Do you accept insurance?

ECS accepts all with and without insurance coverage. ECS can verify clients’ mental health/behavioral health services coverage and provide the documents to submit to their insurance company for possible service reimbursement. ECS cannot guarantee reimbursement. ECS has an unique insurance policy, for more information about this policy, please call (248) 797-1188.

ECS also offers a sliding fee scale based on annual household income (prices are available under the fees tab).  I believe in affordable and quality services for clients. Your mental health and wellness is important, if clients cannot afford the fees based on the scale provided, I will work with you to make services more accessible. I believe that everyone should have access to mental health and wellness care without stigma.  ECS' puts clients' needs first and provide care for clients to greatly benefit and receive what they need without restrictions.

What payment method do you accept?

ECS accepts cash, Health Savings Account (HSA), PayPal, Debit and all major credit cards for payment. ECS does not accept checks.

Where are you located?

ECS is located at 2550 S. Telegraph Rd. Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, between Square Lake Rd. and Franklin Rd.  Inside Suite # 240. ECS' name is not displayed on the building directory or door entry.

What are your hours?

Business hours are Monday-Friday- 9am-5pm, & Saturday-9am-3pm. On-site services are available in the evenings and weekends by appointment only and must be scheduled during business hours. ECS is closed on holidays and Sundays. Hours are subject to change during holidays and/or special circumstances. Please check the calendar for any changes in business hours. 

How do I make an appointment?

New clients can call (248) 797-1188  to schedule an intake appointment.  ECS has a 24 hour call return policy. If your call is missed, please leave a message and I will return your call no later than the next business day, excluding Sundays and holidays.

What is telemental health services?

Telemental health services involves the use of telephone and video conferencing to provide counseling services.  Telephone based refers to counseling services received only through audio means. Video based refers to counseling services received via video and audio means. To start services or for more information, call (248) 797-1188 or visit the Video-Telephone Counseling Tab.