Epiphanye Counseling Services

Empowering, Enriching, and Educating Lives

Who am I?

At Epiphanye Counseling Services, I focus on providing services with the highest level of customer satisfaction. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations and help you meet your goals.

My services promote prevention and early intervention of individual and relational distress and maintenance and enhancement of mental, emotional and social health.

ECS services derives from empowerment, enrichment and education: Empowerment encourages clients; Enrichment enhances clients’ lives; Education enlightens clients.
I utilize a strength-based, client-centered, collaborative approach and provide tools and employ interventions to guide the change process and to help improve and change circumstances.  I pride myself on integrity, professionalism, and strong ethical conduct.  

ECS Philosophy
  • Everyone should have access to mental health and wellness care without stigma and               without requiring a medical or mental diagnosis.
  • Counseling/therapy services is a part of wellness (optimal mental and                                           physical health). 
  • All should have access to quality and affordable counseling services.
  • The counseling process is synonymous to investing:
    The more money and time that you invest; the more profit you gain;              

    The more effort and commitment that you invest;

The more insight, growth and change transpire.

Invest in yourself and the life you want at Epiphanye Counseling Services!

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