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Epiphanye Counseling Services offers trainings, workshops, and seminars to businesses, organizations (schools, churches, etc.) in the community. ECS’ goal is to assist businesses and organizations to move forward with their vision and missions servicing their population. ECS helps businesses, schools, churches etc. to keep current on issues and topics that may be affecting their faculty, staff, students, members and their organization as a whole. ECS also provides organizations with on-site counseling to work through in-business/organization issues, crises, stressors, and challenges that may be interfering with the positive, strong ethic, morale and/or the overall functioning of the organization.

Business/Organization Services includes:

Corporate Events & Retreats- Strengthen working alliances and relationships; consequently, increasing collaboration and productivity. Half & full day options are available. Call for more information and pricing.

Seminars/Workshops- Increase awareness and knowledge on various topics. Workshops includes information and intensive discussions and experiential/interactive activities.

Behavioral Consultations- Receive help with children/youth displaying challenging or disruptive behaviors.

Grief Counseling- Receive on-site counseling to help staff process and work through loss of staff or a client.

Crisis Intervention & Crisis Debriefing- Receive help & debriefing to process and discuss a crisis situation.

Sensitivity & Diversity Training- Increase competency and awareness on mental health topics that impact staff and the population.

Activity/Program Development-Receive help developing and implementing activities or programs that nurture cognitive and social development for children and youth. Obtain individualized programs and activities developed based on the unique needs of staff, clientele and people in the community

On-Site Group Counseling & Experiential Workshops- Arrange for a social skills, study skills, empowerment workshop, team building group and programs for children, youth and families to be held at your school, church, company or organization.


Fees are based on an hourly rate. The initial needs assessment for on-site services is at no cost to assess interests, goals and needs of the business/organization. Business services pricing varies on size, needs and accommodations of the business/organization. All on-site services include a summary analysis report including recommendations within 72 hours of service.

If you are interested in services, please call (248) 797-1188. Services are by appointment only and can be scheduled during business hours. Call for your no cost initial assessment today!

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