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TeleMental Health Counseling Services

Epiphanye Counseling Services (ECS) offers video and telephone counseling sessions.
I want to make services more accessible and convenient for clients.
This service is not different than the others ECS provide; however, this is an unique experience. This is yet another way, ECS is about and created uniquely for you!

For inquiries about telemental health services, please call (248) 797-1188. If you are interested in services, please see the information provided below to start today!

New clients can schedule an intake appointment by calling (248) 797-1188.

Forms can be accesse
d here or by visiting the Appointment Scheduling tab.
Please review and complete all applicable forms prior to the intake scheduled appointment and send all documents via secure message HERE.
Please do not send any private information through any non-secured means(personal email, text etc.).

Payment is required before the scheduled appointment. Clients can pay via PayPal and/or through ECS' payment protocol. Sessions cannot start without payment first being provided.
*Please note that the rates provided are based on the sliding fee scale. Choose the rate for the service under which range you fall. Sliding-Fee Scale rate can be found here or
For any questions or concerns, call (248)797-1188 or contact me via secure message.