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ASD/DD Services

Looking for services for yourself or a loved-one with special needs? ECS is here to help! My passion is helping children and adults and their families affected by special needs. I believe that addressing the relational/family aspect and supporting the individual's immediate and direct sphere of influence will create a profound impact and help maintain positive results. ECS overall goal is to meet the distinctive and multifaceted needs of individuals, couples and families impacted by Autism Spectrum Disorder, Developmental Disorders, and other special needs. I provide external community support and resources (referrals) to meet and suit additional needs not directly provided by the agency (intensive ABA, respite etc.).

ECS provides parental/family support counseling for those impacted by someone who has special needs. My goal is to fill the gap that seems to be out there for places providing services for people with special needs. ECS focuses on an integrative approach, intervening on an individual and systemic/relational level.

Having a child or loved-one with special needs can have a negative impact on parental and family well-being, family stress, grief etc. I focus on helping couples and families to process the diagnosis, help with the associated stressors on the couple and family unit, specifically, the strains placed on relationships and family functioning.

Services will help families:

• Cope with the stressors of having a child or family member with special needs

• Increase positive family functioning ; Achieve more optimum and healthy way of functioning

• Help identify the couple/family unit new needs

• Help the individuals needs get met (associated with new life transition, shift)

• Enhance relational well-being and competency

If this describes the help you seek, call (248) 797-1188. ECS also offers Parent Support Groups and Social Skills Groups. When offered, running groups can be found under the Group/Workshop Services tab or for information on groups currently available, click here.

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